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ObituaryA place to remember and mark the contribution of people across our Union.
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In Memoriam

Click on the names below to read the obituary:
The Revd Peter Dennis Chevill: 1924-2019   
The Revd Gerald (Gee) Christopher Hemp: 1953-2019
Joan Morris: 1921-2019 
The Revd Jack Ramsbottom: 1926-2019 
Maureen Cox (nee Smith): 1935-2016   
The Revd Peter G Whiting: 1930-2019 
The Revd Ronald Smy: 1928-2019   
The Revd Eric Laing: 1934-2019
The Revd Allan Cox: 1934-2019   
The Revd Tasker Rhydwyn Lewis: 1925-2019   
The Revd Mike Wood: 1941-2018
The Revd Bob Simpson: 1937-2018   
The Revd Stanley Goodall: 1914-2018  
The Revd John Lewis: 1957-2018 
The Revd Brian Barker: 1931-2018 
The Revd Dennis Edgar Weller: 1928-2018 
The Revd Peter Egginton: 1927-2018  
The Revd Kenneth Balsom: 1921-2018 
The Revd Terence Tatton: 1919-2018
The Revd Rowland Graham Cole: 1937–2018   
The Revd Derek George Taylor: 1927-2018  
Mrs Joyce Evelyn Greenway, nee Wright: 1929-2018 
Jim Stapleton: 1932-2018
The Revd Richard H Walker: 1936-2018 
The Revd Sister Margaret Jarman CPP BD: 1932-2018
The Revd Graham Charles Clay: 1953-2018
The Revd Dr Dafydd G Davies: 1922-2017
The Revd Billy Graham: 1918-2018
The Revd Barbara Stanford: 1936-2017
The Revd Barrie Smith: 1951-2017 
The Revd Hugh G Cross MBE: 1930-2017
The Revd Dr Marie Isaacs: 1936-2016
The Revd David John Cave 1947-2017
The Revd Dennis Floodgate: 1926-2017 
Arthur Thomas Markie OBE: 1920-2017
The Revd Norman Trussler: 1921-2017 
The Revd Ralph John Stephens: 1925-2017
The Revd Cyril Millwood: 1928-2017
The Revd John Comins: 1940-2017 
The Revd Graham Ingram: 1936-2017
The Revd Alan Hugh Edwards: 1929-2017
Mrs Betty Margaret Andrews Sutton: 1932-2017
The Revd Norman Leslie Harris: 1927-2017
The Revd William Maurice Heath: 1928-2017 
The Revd Barry L Cocker: 1944-2017
Clarice Morgan: 1919-2014
The Revd Bernard Green: 1925-2013
Professor Graham Ashworth CBE
The Revd Keith Hobbs: 1937-2017
The Revd Walter Wragg: 1914-2013
Sir Godfray Le Quesne, QC
The Revd Margaret Piper (née Phillips): 1925-2016 
The Revd Ernest M. Forward: 1927-2016  
The Revd Thomas Paterson (Tom) Gillies: 1928-2017 
The Revd Stan Woods: 1936-2016
The Revd Steve Bond: 1959–2016 
Mrs Catherine Nora Parkinson, nee Fleming: 1919-2016 
The Revd Dr Barrington Raymond White: 1934-2016 
The Revd Donald Bridge: 1931-2016
Clifford Challinor: 1933-2016
The Revd Frank Boyd: 1940–2016 
The Revd John Roderick Peck: 1924-2016 
Mrs Joyce Stockley: 1924-2016
The Revd David Newman: 1932-2016
The Revd Stephen Lawrence Moore: 1939–2016  
The Revd David Geoffrey John Piggott: 1925–2016 
The Revd Dr Frederick Adorkorbidji: 1954-2016
The Revd Bernard Gordon Hastings: 1929-2015
The Revd Brian Tucker: 1934–2015
The Revd Reginald Charles Dalton: 1922-2014
The Revd Frank Amos Goodwin: 1914-2014 
The Revd George Reginald Neal: 1929-2015
The Revd Francis Davis Cobley: 1928-2015 
The Revd Daniel Weller: 1932-2015
The Revd Peter Lanigan: 1955-2015 
The Revd Malcolm Purdy: 1930-2015
The Revd Patrick Goodland MBE: 1929-2014 
Dr David Robin Goodbourn: 1948-2014
The Revd Arthur Walter Francis: 1913-2014  
The Revd John Frederick Vernon Nicholson MA: 1928-2014
The Revd Mavis Beamont: 1933-2014
The Revd Peter Saunders: 1930-2014 
The Revd Dr W C R Hancock: 1927-2014
The Revd A. Glyn Morris: 1916-2013
The Revd Basil Amey: 1928-2014
Pastor Robert Frederick Dunlop: 1938-2014
The Revd Ron Mason: 1922-2013
The Revd Gordon Derek Palmer: 1951-2013
The Revd Donald MacKenzie: 1926-2013
The Revd Geoffrey Norman Fewkes: 1942-2013
The Revd Wyndham Rees: 1928-2013 
The Revd T. Aneurin Davies: 1918-2013
Raymond Frederick Rose: 1936-2013
Trevor Wilfred Davis: 1931-2013
Geoffrey Marshall: 1939-2013
Olive Davison: 1920-2013
Alice Rowsell: 1911-2013
Peter Hicks: 1940-2013
The Revd John Bedford: 1931-2013
William A. D. Whyte: 1927-2013
John Cuthbertson Dye: 1913-2013
David S. Burnett Jones: 1923-2013
Ralph Philip Martin: 1925-2013
Professor Eric W Ives OBE
Philip Walter Withers: 1929-2013
Michael Edwin Cole: 1935-2012
Graham Sturton: 1928-2013
Glyn Phillip Rhys Prosser: 1928-2013
Edward Price-Stephens: 1922-2013
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Written by Peter in January 2008 and updated by his daughter Elizabeth in September 2019
Missionary, minister and chaplain
'For her whole life she was a deeply committed Christian, with a very meaningful and personal prayer life'
Former draughtsman who became a Baptist minister and Bible college tutor
A woman of faith with a passion for practical social justice
'A rich, varied and purposeful ministry'
     The Baptist Times 
    Posted: 11/07/2019
    Posted: 20/03/2019
    Posted: 15/01/2019
    Posted: 20/04/2018
    Posted: 03/03/2017
    Posted: 01/03/2017