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The Revd A. Glyn Morris: 1916-2013

The Revd A. Glyn Morris died on December 16th, 2013, aged 97, after a life time of fruitful ministry - preaching, evangelising and pastoring in the Lord’s service.

The Revd A Glyn MorrisHe was born on 15 October 1916 in Tonypandy, Rhondda, South Wales and was converted at an early age. His father was a Pentecostal pastor and preacher who had been greatly touched by the Welsh Revival of 1904. Glyn’s own preaching and ministry, which started in his teens, was indeed anointed with something of a revivalist power, and his own demeanour was marked by a radiant glow which never seemed to diminish.

His formal education for ministry took place at the Bible Training Institute, Glasgow where he was awarded a Diploma in Bible Studies. In the wartime, he served as an air raid 'spotter' in the Wolseley motor works in Birmingham, but shortly afterwards had several calls to pastorates, settling finally at Londonderry Baptist Church, Smethwick, Birmingham. God used him to build up the church in his pastorate there (from 1945 to 1948).

In the war and post-war years, Glyn also preached the gospel in an evangelistic team known as ‘The Contacts’ that led many campaigns and crusades throughout the Midlands. These included working alongside Billy Graham during his first crusade in Birmingham and taking many ‘Youth for Christ’ events.

Glyn’s second pastorate was at Queensberry Street Baptist Church, Nottingham, ministering there from 1948 to 1963. During this period he also served as President of the East Midlands Baptist Association. In 1963, he had the call to Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, a large city-centre church in Swansea which thrived during his pastorate.

Over many years, Glyn’s all-round ministry was greatly blessed of God, not least in his passionate preaching of the good news, his able Bible teaching ministry and his loving pastoral care. Many people were converted and built up in the faith through his ministry, not only in the UK but abroad. He preached in 22 countries around the world and conducted many trips to the Holy Land. He also gave much assistance and godly advice to younger ministers (including the writer of this memoir!).

Glyn was ably supported through his ministry by his beloved wife Florence, whom he married in 1942 and through whom he had two sons, Glyn and Ian. They and their families testified at the Thanksgiving Service in January to Glyn’s loving and devoted care as a husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather.

After retiring from his pastorate at Mount Pleasant at the age of 70, Glyn continued to preach most Sundays in and around Swansea until he sustained a stroke at the age of 92. In his final years, he continued to pray for and support fellow ministers of the gospel, as well his beloved family and friends.  He was more than ready for his home-call and surely has now received that ‘well done, thou good and faithful servant’ from the Master whom he served so well for so long.

Trevor Reynolds, Mount Calvary Baptist Church, Swansea, June 2014

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