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'I want you to paint that church free of charge'

How Laird Street Baptist Church in Birkenhead received a timely gift. By Cathy Buntin   

Laird Street2Steve, a local builder, was driving past Laird Street Baptist Church one day when he felt the Lord say to him: 'I want you to paint that church free of charge.' 

So in obedience to God, he did. You can see the before and after result. He is still working on it. 

What Steve didn't know was we are one of those Baptist churches with a heavy pension deficit, so paying for a job of this size involved hiring a cherry picker: impossible for us financially. 

Laird St beforeThe local area had seen massive changes resulting in a new build around the church making Laird Street look quite drab and dreary, and the possibility of passers by not even noticing us.

How great is our God who is interested in every aspect of church life. 

As Steve and those helping him were painting people passing by began to notice and chat with them giving opportunities for witnessing. How God uses everything we do for Him.

Laird Street3

Two of us did a prayer walk while the work was taking place and had amazing conversations with the local community.

We are now standing out in our community in more ways than one.

Cathy Buntin is the minister of Laird Street Baptist Church in Birkenhead

Baptist Times, 25/05/2018
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