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Baptists offer space for Syrian refugees 

British Baptists have offered 150 bed spaces for Syrian refugees – and that figure is rising

SyrianrefugeesIn a message to the Baptist Collaboration Group earlier in the week, minister and co-founder of church planting agency Urban Expression Juliet Kilpin asked if Baptist churches could each offer five spaces for refugees fleeing Syria.

The call was inspired in part by the news that 10,000 Icelanders had offered to house Syrian refugees following a Facebook call from a prominent Icelandic author after the Icelandic government announced it would only accept 50.

Writing in the Baptist Collaboration Group, Juliet said, ‘If Iceland (with a population of 300,000) can find space for 10,000 Syrian refugees, can our 2,200 (ish) churches offer 5 spaces each and tell our government we can accommodate and care for 11,000 refugees if they will let them in…?’

She added, ‘Best case scenario, we care for people in their time of need. Worst case scenario, we show Baptists are radically welcoming and shame the government for not offering safe havens for those fleeing war.’

By Friday she had received pledges of 150 spaces. She plans to link up with an agency to action the pledges, and let local and national government to let them know Baptists are ready to host.

Can your church host?
Contact Juliet on julietkilpin@aol.com
Visit: https://www.facebook.com/julietkilpin/posts/10153537924601145

Picture: IRIN

Baptist Times, 05/09/2015
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