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'Bold, intelligent and fresh take on the issues facing young women of faith today'

The Esther Collective is a growing (online and face-to-face) supportive community of 18–30s women - and is about to launch its podcast 

Esther CollectiveFacilitated by Girls’ Brigade Ministries, The Esther Collective Podcast launches on 15 February 2021 with a new episode fortnightly on Spotify, iTunes and other platforms. 

The Esther Collective Podcast is divided into separate mini-series of four episodes (under 30 minutes in duration). The first mini-series is focussed on issues around our bodies and self-acceptance; a relevant topic since recent magazine articles in Glamour and Vogue reveal that women’s body anxiety has increased because of the increase of video calling during the pandemic.

GB Ministries’ Mission and Advocacy Enabler Dr Claire Rush said, ‘We’re bombarded every day with images of the perfect body. The diet culture surrounding us also tells us of thousands of different ways we can achieve this for ourselves.

'Do you feel pressure from people around you to eat a certain way?  How do we try to look after our bodies and stay healthy? The team discuss these questions with honesty and hope as well as sharing their own wisdom about how they’re learning to feel good about their bodies and celebrate their achievements.’

The second mini-series will explore whole-hearted living and topics include identity, values, belonging and vulnerability. 

Christian speaker and author Rachel Gardner, who is also President of the Girls’ Brigade England & Wales, said, ‘If you love to access great online content that will make you laugh, draw you into a community and connects with the world you’re facing, then The Esther Collective Podcast is for you.

'Fast-paced, down to earth and funny, The Esther Collective Podcast brings a bold, intelligent and fresh take on the issues facing young women of faith today.’

The initial podcast team members are 18-30s Christian women from different backgrounds. Hannah, 26, is a mum and drama teacher from Derbyshire, Jessie, 24, is a mental health nurse from York, and Charlotte, 29, is training to be a Baptist minister. 

Girls’ Brigade Ministries is a Christian mission movement working (primarily) with girls and young women through our network of local uniformed community groups (Girls’ Brigade England & Wales), the video blog koko, The Esther Collective for 18-30s, retreats for women in and out of GB, mission consultancy for churches, and delivering equipping sessions across a number of areas around girls’ issues.

Find out more about the podcast at girlsbrigadeministries.org.uk/our-activities/the-esther-collective 

Or stay connected on social media - Twitter and Facebook: @estherpodcast Instagram: @esthercollectivepodcast


Baptist Times, 12/02/2021
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