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A new song for streamed services 

With congregations no longer meeting in person, Matthew Newman of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Leeds introduces a new worship song that talks of gathering together, even when we are apart


The church is suddenly having to find new ways of doing things. So I wanted to find a song that talked about gathering together, even though we were apart, with everyone in their own homes participating in a streamed service.

Unsurprisingly I couldn’t think of one.  So beginning with the words “As we come together in each house and home” I wrote down some of what I was thinking and praying at the moment.

The result is a new song called In These Days of Darkness. It's quite simple, but I hope and pray that it will help the church to “come together” in these difficult days.   We used it as part of our streamed service on Sunday morning, and it's also on the church Facebook page as a separate video. 

The words are below, and I have made a copy of the music available. It's also on Youtube here. The recording is two of us singing into my tablet: it’s not supposed to be a professional recording, as it’s not a performance, but a means of helping everyone to worship. 

I’d encourage people to share this song with others too and feel free to send to anyone who might find it useful in preparing a streamed service.
In These Days of Darkness

As we come together
In each house and home
We know God is with us
We are not alone

In these days of darkness
Through the longest night
We will sing together:
Jesus, be our Light

Jesus comes to meet us
In our time of fear
Reaches out to hold us
We know He is here

In these days of darkness
Through the longest night
We will sing together:
Jesus, be our Light

(repeat chorus)

We will sing together:
Jesus, be our Light

As we pray together
We are not alone
We will not be shaken
Jesus, be our Cornerstone

Matthew Newman is a member of Cornerstone Baptist Church (formerly South Parade) in Leeds, and part of the worship team there. He has been writing songs for churches and schools for many years.

Baptist Times, 23/03/2020
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