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A free discipleship video every day? 

That’s the aim of innovative new ministry thefuelcast.com, which brings a Bible-based, devotional video to subscribers’ inboxes every weekday

The fuelcast.com has been operating since January and has featured a variety of pastors, scholars, youth specialists and more in its short devotionals.

It’s the brainchild of Andy Thomas, a filmmaker and accredited Baptist minister. He explains the ministry exists to ‘help people of faith, strengthen their faith.’
‘Apparently, when it comes to our Christian lives, many of us are running on empty,’ Andy says.  
‘The conviction, confidence and passion we once had is running out.
‘What we need is fuel. When you add fuel there is fresh energy and power; fuel brings conviction, confidence and growth.
‘That’s what thefuelcast.com is all about: daily fuel for people who want to take their discipleship journey seriously and invest in their faith journey.’
The short videos are free. The most recent are available on the website; once signed up subscribers can access the whole library. To date more than 160 videos have been made.  
Author Richard Littledale, minister of Newbury Baptist Church, recently blogged about being a contributor. He wrote:

In the last week of June the small film crew of three arrived at Newbury Baptist Church to film the videos with me. There were two things which struck me immediately about them. The first was their professionalism – in a new environment they set about the task of setting and lighting the shoot with a practised ease born of experience.
The second was a deep- rooted sense of mission. These busy people add their work for Fuelcast on top of other commitments because they believe they have a calling to do so.
As they set up the cameras, as they edit the footage, as they publish it to the library – heart and mind are set on the people who will watch the films. Those people might be in a messy kitchen, a minister’s office or on a busy train – but all may be in need of inspiration, and Fuelcast are there for them.

‘Our sincere hope and prayer is that this resource will help you grow deeper in your discipleship,’ Andy adds, ‘becoming the person you were created to be and living the more abundant life Jesus came to bring.’
Steve Finamore, principal of Bristol Baptist College, was a recent contributor. He spoke on being thankful. Other Baptist contributors have included ministers Gemma Dunning, Brendan Bassett and Benjamin Lucas.

To access the videos, and to sign up, visit https://www.thefuelcast.com


Baptist Times, 01/09/2017
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