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'Help more people find out about Jesus'

The Christian Enquiry Agency (CEA) has created a new website for churches to show them how they can use its resources to help more people find out about Jesus Christ

CEA informs people about Jesus Christ and Christianity through its website Christianity.org.uk, which has a range of information and articles about the Christian faith and receives around 1,000 visitors each day. Through this website CEA responds to enquirers, by giving them what they ask for, (and only what they ask for - CEA takes steps to ensure that no one is given information unsolicited.)
It has now released a new website www.christianenquiryagency.org.uk, designed specifically for churches to enable them to make the most of CEA as a free means of evangelism.
The new website explains how churches can use CEA, such as adding ready to use links for print or web use.

‘Add Christianity.org.uk to anything that is seen by people who don’t normally go to church,’ it states ‘We will do the rest.
‘This is the easiest evangelism you will ever do.’
The new website also explains CEA’s values, who’s behind it.
The Revd Kathryn Morgan, a former Baptist Union Mission Adviser, is CEA secretary. She encouraged Baptist churches to take a look, explaining, ‘This new website www.christianenquiryagency.org.uk offers local churches the means of easy evangelism to the many who go online to ask questions about Christianity before going to a church.  

'It’s free and directs folks to the main regularly updated and popular CEA website, where enquirers receive a prompt professional response.’
In an email to supporters announcing the new website, CEA said it hopes its new plans will help many more people find out about Jesus Christ. ‘ 
‘We want to tell churches and Christian organisations how we can help them.

'Our main emphasis is always to point people to Christianity.org.uk, but we realise that Christians need to know more about the Christian Enquiry Agency, and how to use us.
'Just add Christianity.org.uk. That’s the simple message we would like you to pass on to other Christians.'

'God has given us a phenomenal tool - the internet' - Interview with Peter Graystone of the Christian Enquiry Agency (2013)
Revamped website shows people can come to faith online (2015)



Baptist Times, 21/06/2017
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