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Book reviews in 2015 

A fascinating read for all who recognise Billy Graham’s unique and powerful ministry and wonder if we will see his like again.
Readable fictional account of the first female Archbishop and the consequences
Best-selling author's readable encouragement to pray
How to become the person you were meant to be
Five essays which contain useful nuggets and discussion starters
Martin McGee's Christian-Muslim Stories of Encounter calls for an approach based on love, not fear
Keith Clements' important book is a serious challenge to all. It will be interesting to see who takes it up
Dying to Live: A Theological and Practical Workbook on Death, Dying and Bereavement
How do we let our faith shape and be shaped by the passage of time?
Eden Undone: a novel novel that explores the consequences of Eve defying the serpent
Thoughtful book that challenges notion that science and faith are poles apart and brings fresh perspectives
Charts the extraordinary growth of Street Pastors over the past ten years, with much to inspire and inform
Filmmaker's exploration of biblical stories attempts to demonstrate different aspects of God
The story of one person’s tragi-comic quest for spiritual enlightenment
A priest with missionary heart emerges from the professional theologian in this concise book about God
Excellent presentation of the island with five-star photography, brand new poems, and local stories
Patchy deconstruction of that most vilified of Bible characters, Judas Iscariot
'For those wanting to know more about the English anchoress, this is a very helpful book to turn to'
Barbara Brown Taylor attempts to provide a way to find spirituality in those times when we don’t have all the answers
Paul Beasley-Murray's four-volume guide for pastors, draws on the author’s 43-year career in ministry
The New Testament is printed in the regular order, but divided into 365 sections
Sacks weaves a careful, philosophical and theological path between Biblical violence, historical violence and today's violence
Highly-recommended book confronting the paradoxes at Christianity's heart
If you wish for a more peaceful world, the first step is to resolve to become a more peaceful person yourself, writes Marcus Braybrooke
Timothy Keller explores the power of prayer
Insights from early Christian teachers
Life, faith and church - without burning out. By Kate Middleton
Delightful book about finding peace and purpose in a long life, alongside one with advice for bringing up children
Twenty stories of refugees spanning different cultures, languages and traditions, mostly written 3,000 years ago
The influential scholar explores contemporary issues from a Biblical perspective in this 'stimulating' read
Attractive, but at times flawed, study of the first five books of the Bible
This ecumenical response to migration is ideal autumn study for preachers and study groups leading up to Advent
A pilgrim's guide to the weird and wonderful world of the Bible - how the authors of the Bible saw the world
Much to encourage and challenge in a book for the underdog and those who feel small and insignificant
A good starting place for someone enquiring about spiritual gifts
Parsons shares some of the wisdom he's picked up down the years, from his own experiences and that of others he's met
Brian McClaren's thought-provoking devotional challenges traditional interpretations of Biblical texts
When life gets tough it is easy to give up. Meyer helpfully shares her thoughts on making a fresh start
Well researched resource addressing the complex challenges raised by asylum-seekers and refugees from a Biblical perspective
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