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Book reviews in 2016 

Russell's account of the Working Together for the Common Good initiative a generation ago offers a mix of hope and disappointment
Essays from academics in Africa seeking to identify and cultivate the positive role that churches must play on issues around sexuality
The latest book from Adrian Plass and Jeff Lucas is steeped in typical honesty and grace
A collection of essays which throw a helpful spotlight on the work and witness of a small and often forgotten group of Christians
A series of essays pinpointing Baptist attitudes to conflict at different times in different countries
The history of Baptists in America is a complex and important one - and this accessible account has much to inform and encourage
How the perspective of the poor opens us up to new biblical and theological insights - and what it means to be Church today
'Delightful and erudite book' from Paula Gooder that handles many of those questions that disturb us today
A valuable record of one theologian’s ability to open up the familiar stories of Christmas and Easter in fresh ways
The key to relating to others and living peaceably together is not learning to understand them, but learning to understand ourselves
A story about offering hospitality, the hospitality of God to others, in whatever circumstances we find ourselves
Michael Harvey outlines best practice gleaned from his experiences as founder of Back to Church Sunday
Well-researched account of an unconventional and - until now - little documented Non-conformist minister
Steven Sylvester’s profound but simple ‘without ego’ philosophy has much to offer Christian leaders
Recommended for those who desire a deeper understanding of how their lives might be shaped by the word of God through Paul’s letter
Inspirational book covering areas often kept secret, showing that Christians' sense of guilt shouldn't be that way
Difficult not to be challenged afresh by the author's single minded interpretation of what it means to be crucified with Christ
Uplifting and thoughtful glimpse into the lives of ordinary Christians called to extraordinary service
A beautifully illustrated study of all the most important plants and animals mentioned in the Bible
Remarkable account of a Hindu priest encountering Jesus Christ
Johnson's argument underlines that the science versus religion debate is not a straightforward division into scientists versus believers
Encouraging to find a book which seeks to find him in every day life
Learning the rhythms of discipleship by Paul Harcourt
Generally useful little commentary which may also help busy ministers in sermon preparation
Best-selling author and pastor Tim Keller's examination of the nativity story
In a clear but loving way, the author helps us cultivate a natural mindfulness, with the attitudes that Jesus would want us to cultivate
I Am N is a disturbing read, sharing the stories of Christians living out their faith in the face of Islamic extremism
Why we can't stop talking about science, faith and God
'This is writing which comforts the distressed and distresses the comfortable'
Eternal life with Christ should constantly be on our lips, writes Bob Holman
Nick Page's travelogue to the places of the Bible's final book brings home how Revelation has a very relevant message for today
Intimate new collection from one of Scotland's leading poets
Readable, inspiring and challenging book on Christian mission
The Case for Christian Freedoms Today
Fascinating and disparate collection of essays from faith-based organisations around the world to encourage advocacy for climate justice
'How I wish I'd had this when I had to produce two sermons a week. They would have been a lot better'
How a pastor with gay parents learned to love others without sacrificing convictions
Tim Stead's new book is must-read about making space for God
With the Government pledging to build a million new homes, this is a genuinely helpful and theologically literate resource from Baptist pioneers
A book whose reading will reward any preacher, as it comes from a proven expositor who regularly proclaims Christ in a sceptical Manhattan
Accessible and deceptively challenging account of gender theory, offering something fresh to the human sexuality conversation
Well-written book that would be suitable for use subsequent to an Alpha or similar course, and for busy ministers
Recommended Bill Hybels book that highlights areas of life that can get out of focus – and offers practical insights for making changes
Brian Draper's new Christian take on mindfulness is like coming home, but realizing home is even more spacious than you had imagined
'An invaluable piece of concise apologetic which can be given to any thoughtful person who wants to dig deeper into the dark mystery of suffering'
A concise one-volume systematic theology that is both contemporary and broad
The third edition of Simon Jenkins' lightning sketch of the Bible would make a great Christmas present for a young person or a new Christian
Still the best introduction to Wright’s understanding of Jesus, his ministry, death and resurrection
Worthwhile, thought-provoking and practical work about the Church returning to its roots of exile
How the local church brings life to the poor and needy
Baptist minister's excellent commentary on various biblical passages which help to discern the voices of the natural world
Accessible new book about heaven - but lacking a serious discussion of biblical material
Short but readable introduction to the doctrine of the Holy Spirit from Stanley Hauerwas and William H Willimon
A reconstruction of the history of Israel, of the origins of the Old Testament and particularly what the Israelites thought about God
'A pleasure to read Rolhesier's reflections on Gethsemane, the Cross and the Resurrection of Jesus, the Son of God'
Well written and beautifully produced, exposing the falsity of the ‘conflict myth’ about the relationship between science and religion
Kate Patterson's chatty reflection on what the 'shining blessing' in Numbers 6 means for us today
Testimony is too me-centred - a robust case for the role of persuasive evangelism
Charlie Cleverly's section by section commentary on the entire Song of Songs
Biography of the committed clergyman behind the famous tank engine
An analysis of the trial of Jesus, written by an Italian lawyer and professor of criminal law
An invitation to engage deeply with our own heart issues, and so be better able to communicate with God
Might alter a little the perceptions of those not in ministry, and remind those of us who are that we too are no different from anyone else
An excellent example of Baptist theology in honour of a revered theologian, which should be at the centre of current conversations
Beautifully-written by Anne Graham Lotz for the many who have been hurt intentionally, and unintentionally, by fellow Christians
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