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Book reviews in 2014 

Brilliant introduction to philosophy from a Christian perspective
Nick Page's entertaining history has a mischievous sense of humour, and is at times almost facetious
A remarkable book about a remarkable man and a remarkable community
Frank and readable account of a former Fleet Street journalist's journey into faith
Interesting and readable account of Wilberforce’s life from childhood through to the abolition of the Slave Trade
Portrayal not of a dry academic but a believer fully engaged with the community at prayer
A fascinating premise and relaxing read, but ultimately mixed results
Commended to anyone who wants a meaty introduction to biblical backgrounds, but still a patchy revision of a classic
Interesting personal account, but not really 'a unique insight into Burma’s complex past'
Andy Peck chooses 60 Bible passages to represent ‘the key turning points in the story of God and his people’
Readable analysis arguing that Catherine Booth shaped the direction of the Salvation Army
The latest collection from one of Scotland's leading poets will help bring a pause to our busy lives
The follow up to The Shack also tackles difficult themes and is shot through with a similar motif of the Trinity
Through the metaphor of conversation, Alister McGrath provides a good introduction to CS Lewis and his ideas
Tom Wright's call to restore the Psalms to a place of importance in the prayer and spirituality of the Church
'A startling, vivid, unusual invitation which will reward all but the most un-souled of readers'
Patchy update of a fascinating book which gives little insight into the rise of Free Church and multi-faith chaplaincies
An examination of God's continued faithfulness to Jewish people by an evangelist among them
Insightful book that brings together neuroscience and contemplation to transform our marriages
Somewhat slim update of a multi-million seller - but remains a classic
Some repetitiveness, but an excellent-value apologetic from a history professor
Must-read biography about Edward Thomas, the war poet who was lost and found and then lost again in the trenches
Paradigm Shift is scientist Roy Peacock's story from atheism to an extensive international healing ministry
An argument for a gritty Christianity which exposes the cultural packaging of so much modern evangelicalism
An easy-to-read book which will be an encouragement to many a senior citizen
One hundred stories from a range of Christians to help share faith in a natural way
The Day is Yours is a prophetic call to slow down in increasingly busy times
'An outstanding book which seeks to make Revelation accessible to any person who wants to read it'
Responsible Plurality in Biblical Hermeneutics. Edited by Stanley E. Porter and Matthew R. Malcolm
Comprehensive book charting the career of the Salvation Army's 1960s pop group
How far do the discoveries of science demand that we read the Bible differently from those before us?
Challenging the reader to reflect on a painful, hurting world, Philip Yancey is as engaging as ever
Rob Parsons sensitively and wittily shares his wisdom on becoming the best grandparent you can be
A walk through the Bible rather than a systematic discussion of the subject
'A book for ecumenists, for those who have given up and for those who know nothing about ecumenism'
Clever retelling of the Nativity story in reverse
An extraordinary real life adventure story of a walk across China
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