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Building intergenerational relationships 


Bewdley Baptist Church has embarked on a year of building relationship between differing generations

BewdleyFilm charades relay, paper aeroplane making, 60 second challenges and telling two truths and a tall tale are not things usually associated with church away days. However, these were all part of the programme for Bewdley Baptist church on their away day in the summer. 

Using the 'Today not Tomorrow' resource, launched by Baptists Together and Arise Ministries in 2014, the church sought to imagine a church where different generations actively seek to support and learn from each other.

The day was organised by a steering group from different generations within the church. As well as lots of games the day included opportunities to explore what it meant to be an intergenerational church.

The outcome of the away day was the production of a mandate, which everyone at church has signed, committing the church to specific steps to develop intergenerational relationship in the next year. This includes opportunities for all-ages to share communion together, a commitment to developing opportunities for different generations to be together, and a commitment from all generations to actively seek to get to know each other. 

Minister Simon Harry said, 'Different generations have so much to offer each other, and everyone is enriched when generations come together.'

He added, 'As the church continues on this journey we would be interested to hear from any other churches who are trying to encourage intergenerational relationship in their church.' 

Picture | The church's steering group 

Contact Bewdley Baptist Church on office@bewdleybaptist.org.uk, or here

Baptist Times, 02/10/2018
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