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Church hosts food packing event 


Volunteers packed enough food to make 10,000 meals for the hungry at a special event in Minehead 


More than 40 people helped out at a Hand to Hand food-packing day at Minehead Baptist Church, Somerset, organised by the charity Feed the Hungry.

After worship and prayer, the volunteers spent several hours working together on a production line to bag, weigh, seal and box packets of dried lentils, rice, soya and micro-nutrients. 

The packages prepared will be sent overseas as part of Feed the Hungry’s mission to provide hot, nutritious meals every day to over 252,000 children in 21 countries around the globe. The Christian charity, which was founded in 1987, aims to ‘follow Christ’s calling to fulfil the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of people in crisis’.

Clarissa Saywell, member of Minehead Baptist Church who organised the event alongside the charity, said, 'Despite the fact that I have never organised anything like this before Feed the Hungry UK helped me set up the food packing event very successfully. From the first telephone contact, through many questions, they supported us and encouraged us. The set up went so smoothly thanks to their two experienced workers who delivered everything we needed and taught us how to pack, then loaded up the van and after some prayer time we were done!

'A Hand to Hand food packing event leaves you feeling you have contributed to something really worthwhile and blessed by God.'

Feed the Hungry, which recently featured on Songs of Praise, helps churches run Hand to Hand food-packing days across the country. The charity says that these events ‘not only create an end-resource, but also a space to chat and work together as a church family to practically help others.’

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Baptist Times, 20/03/2019
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