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Six teenagers baptised in St Austell

A huge celebration took place at St Austell Baptist Church on Sunday (10 December), when six of the church's teenagers were baptised

St AustellIt has been a time of real excitement for the church, as each of the young people provided a testimony as to the impact the Lord has had upon their lives.

The six young people decided to all get back into the baptismal together, for a photograph! The young people involved are (from left to right): Christian Collings, Beth Grant, Becca Gregory, Gabrielle Grant, Kieryn Spring and Jacob De-Ville.

Secretary Barbara Collings said, 'We feel extremely blessed to have so many amazing young people within our church family as it is encouraging to us all that they have made a decision to live their lives with Jesus. 

'We pray for them over the months to come, and I hope this story will provide encouragement to others.

'Special thanks to Mark Courtis, Jenn Cohen and Debbie Stephens, who pastor our young people from week to week and have taken them on this journey towards baptism.'

Baptist Times, 19/12/2017
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