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Church encouraged by school welcome

A church which meets in its local school was pleasantly surprised at the mention it received on the latter's recently updated welcome sign

New sign  Kings 600Previously Roselands Community Church in Paignton, Devon, could only be found in tiny print at the bottom of the Roseland Primary School welcome sign just outside the main entrance.

After a summer upgrade it is now much more prominent: the words "Roselands Community Church meets here Sundays at 10.30am. All welcome" are clearly visible on the six foot sign underneath the school welcome.

Minister the Revd Malc Reddaway, a governor at the school, said it reflects the good relationship between the two. 'It's not quite equal billing, but not bad we thought! The previous one had a tiny mention of us at the bottom in very small lettering. We didn’t even know they were changing the signs.
'As you can tell we have quite a good relationship with the school and feel very encouraged by them.'

The church website states, 'We meet in Roselands Primary School and work in partnership with them in many ways. Malc is a governor, leads assemblies and as a church we serve the school in both practical and financial ways. We feel the school is a wonderful place to meet and is a great school all round.'

Pictured with the sign are three generations of the King family. Ali (right) is one of the church elders.

Baptist Times, 09/09/2016
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