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Naughty for a reason

BMS World Mission is supporting an initiative to help children with learning difficulties in Lebanon

A child is regularly playing up in the classroom. They can’t sit still, they answer back and are disruptive. They are not doing well in their studies and are not achieving anything. The teacher is exasperated with them – they just seem to be a waste of time.
But what if the teacher doesn’t realise that the reason the child is being naughty and underachieving is because they have a learning difficulty?
In Lebanon, children who have learning difficulties like ADHD, autism, dyslexia and speech and language impairments are often undiagnosed and can be seen as difficult or naughty students. Very few schools will enrol children with these difficulties and, without assistance, those who are accepted can struggle and fail, and even be asked to leave. These children are often hidden away in their homes, with families unaware or unable to get help for them. These children do not reach their full potential and can miss out on an education. Their future can be bleak.
BMS is addressing this problem by supporting a pilot project led by a partner in Lebanon. Our partner has expertise in working with children with learning differences and has helped many to overcome the challenges they face and to succeed at school. The project is enabling two public schools to become inclusive educational communities.

Teachers are being trained to identify students with learning difficulties at an early stage and be able to provide better teaching for them. This training will enable the teachers not only to respond to the individual needs of students who have learning difficulties, but also to recommend appropriate steps for parents to help their children, including referring them to specialists. Where needed, children with learning difficulties are being assessed by BMS’ partner, leading to tailored help for each child, with counselling and support for their parents. The aim is for the project to be a model that the Ministry of Education in Lebanon can replicate nationally, potentially impacting thousands of students with learning difficulties across the country.
Through this project, BMS is helping children with learning difficulties in Lebanon get a greater understanding of their condition and is ensuring that they receive the support they need from their school and parents. They will no longer be a ‘waste of time, but they will do well at school and have a chance at a happier, more fulfilled life. Thank you.


BMS is also supporting work with thousands of refugees in Lebanon who have fled from the war in Syria. Help refugees have a brighter future by donating to our Syria’s Forgotten Families appeal today or using it in your church soon.


This article first appeared on the website of BMS World Mission and is used with permission

BMS World Mission, 16/09/2016
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