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As I went down to the river to pray

Dover baptismMost Baptist churches have comfortable facilities for baptism, but two members of the fellowship at Dover Baptist Church recently chose to go through the waters in a very different way.

It was a Sunday afternoon in Dover, and Kearsney Abbey Park was busy with families enjoying the late summer sunshine, when two female figures in long white dresses trimmed with gold were seen walking along the main path and disappearing into a glade by a stream.

Were they angels, bridesmaids, or actors from Dover Castle who had lost their way? No. They were a mother and her daughter coming to be baptised in the river.

Little by little, parents called their children, groups packed away their picnics, and a crowd gathered in the glade. The two were baptised amid modern and traditional songs, as well as prayers and hugs from members of several local churches.

Rowan testified that she had heard Jesus call her as a little girl, and that she was responding by being baptised.

Her mother Jan said she had also been called by Jesus as a child, but had taken rather longer to respond. She said, “Revival is happening all around us in this town,” and urged churches as one body to become part of what God is doing here.

The minister, Graham Stanford said, “I believe it is vital for the church to come out of its buildings and be more visible in the community, so it has been a pleasure to be able to change my normal practice and conduct these baptisms in the open air.  And praise God, it’s a warm sunny day!”

Baptist Times, 02/11/2015
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