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Charity Trustees

These people are appointed by the church members’ meeting to help lead the church. They will have legal and financial responsibility as well as encouraging mission, They are expected to work in co-operation with the church members.

Some churches have a Leadership Team, others a diaconate including the Minister, Secretary and Treasurer. Others would identify a group made up of the Minister (if there is one) the Deacons and Elders (if any) as their Charity Trustees. 

There are shared responsibilities and tasks to be done – but there is information to help you.

Please refer to C15 Help I’m a Charity Trustee which has been specifically written for Church Secretaries, Treasurers, Ministers, Elders and other Charity Trustees.

There is also a special leaflet for smaller churches C20 Help We’re a Small Church

You can find these leaflets through the links on this page, through the website search facility, or by clicking on the ‘Resources’ tab at the top of every page.
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