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Ladder safety and working at height guidance

The latest feature from Baptist Insurance

Ladder safety800

Ladder safety
This month’s reminder on the Baptist Insurance risk calendar is regarding ladder safety. If using ladders or stepladders check that they are right for the job, free from defects and used properly, being appropriately positioned and secured.
Read their ladder safety guidance here.

Take care at height
As the warmer weather and lighter nights return, many volunteers will be taking the opportunity to get out and fix a section of leaking guttering, or replace that damaged roof tile.
But it’s important to work safely – as these tasks can pose a risk of serious injury to those involved. Thankfully, falls from height are not common in churches. But where they do happen, several have resulted in injuries that have been permanently disabling.
There’s plenty you can do to minimise risk – from planning a job correctly, using and maintaining equipment properly, or taking weather conditions into account. Baptist Insurance have a handy Health and safety toolkit – working at height, which is full of useful tips and can be downloaded from the website.

Want to know more?
Baptist Insurance wants to provide you with the help and advice that you need to continue to protect your church and its community. For additional guidance or information on church and home insurance, please visit the website.


Baptist Times, 14/03/2022
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