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God Speaks – 40 Letters from the Father’s Heart 

Beautifully presented and illustrated journal which has its origins in Lent, but could be used at any time of year

God SpeaksGod Speaks – 40 Letters from the Father’s Heart
By Ruth O’Reilly-Smith
Authentic Media
ISBN: 978-1-78893-222-6
Reviewed by: Jeannie Kendall

Let me start with a confession. I am really choosy about journals. I don’t journal every day, but do have seasons of it. Recently I went to a Christian bookshop to replace one I had finished, but could not find anything. Some, in all honesty, were overpriced notebooks, and none had the mix of content and space to reflect that I was searching for.

So I was intrigued to be sent this journal from Ruth O’Reilly-Smith. To begin with, it is beautifully presented and illustrated, hardback with shades of green and blue, which for me at least, matters in a journal. Its origin was Lent 2020 when Ruth felt prompted to write a letter from God as part of her own journaling. Each of the 40 days in the book has that letter, an illustrated Bible verse, an ‘Ask God’, ‘Prayer’ and ‘My thoughts’ section for reflection. Although it has its origins in Lent, it could be used at any time of year.

The style of letter – very much as the subtitle suggests a letter from the Father to a Beloved child – will not suit everyone. However for many it will be just right and makes a beautiful gift, perhaps especially for someone who has either not tried journaling, or prefers some structure to do so. 

Jeannie Kendall is a recently retired Baptist minister, a current tutor on the Pastoral Supervision course at Spurgeon’s College, and the author of Finding Our Voice and Held in Your Bottle 


Baptist Times, 20/12/2021
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