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The Letter of Paul to the Romans - Illuminated Scripture Journal 

For those who have not yet embarked on journaling, this book might be a good way in   


Journal Paul RomansThe Letter of Paul to the Romans - Illuminated Scripture Journal 
ISBN: 9781433564819 
Reviewed by: Rosa Hunt 

This illuminated scripture journal contains the entire text of Romans (English Standard Version) on the left hand pages of the volume, with the facing pages being left blank for the reader to make their own notes. Occasionally, these otherwise blank pages include gold-ink illustrations consisting of Bible verses in various calligraphic styles (hence the illuminated in the title). 

The idea is that the reader will be able to record prayers inspired by their reading, copy out key verses of Scripture to help with memorisation, reflect on the passages by using art journaling or even write sermon notes down opposite the relevant passage. The ‘blank’ pages actually contain a lightly dotted grid, presumably to help with reproducing the illustrations provided, or creating new ones. 

To start with a positive, it was inspiring to see the different calligraphic styles used to illustrate the verses, and I enjoyed copying them and trying my hand at applying the styles to new verses.

However, there were a number of niggles. The blurb on the back promises thick, opaque paper and lay-flat binding. I found that the ink from my calligraphic fountain pens went through the paper to the other side, obscuring the text on the following page. I also couldn’t get the book to lie flat easily.  

Of course, the general idea of having a journal to note down key insights from Bible passages as we read them is an excellent one. Moreover, for me, carefully copying and illuminating a Bible verse is a labour of love, and a means of prayer in itself. As I said above, the illustrations in this book gave me ideas of new ways of doing this.

However, I probably wouldn’t invest in one of these journals, as it seems easier to me just to carry on doing this in my normal prayer journal, which has thicker paper and does lie flat! But for those who have not yet embarked on journaling, this book might be a good way in.  

Rosa Hunt is minister of Salem Baptist Chapel in Tonteg, and Associate Tutor at South Wales Baptist College 


Baptist Times, 15/03/2019
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