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Baptist World Alliance
Resolution to Human Slavery and Trafficking

Human Slavery and Trafficking
ACKNOWLEDGES that General Council has regularly reminded the global family of Baptists about the evil practice of modern slavery;

REGRETS the sad reality that slavery and human trafficking exist today within nearly every society;

LAMENTS the deep trauma experienced by fellow human beings who are held against their will and forced to participate in economic, violent, and/or other exploitative activities for the personal gain or profit of others;

CONDEMNS those who create demand for such services, which perpetuates these modern forms of slavery;

AFFIRMS all legal and societal initiatives to prevent and eliminate modern-day forms of slavery and human trafficking;

URGES global Baptists to make use of a growing number of biblical, theological, and practical resources designed for educating persons about injustice and advocating for victims of slavery and human trafficking;

CALLS upon all Baptist bodies, churches, and individuals to actively embrace opportunities for Christian ministry and witness by standing up for the rights of 'the least of these', and working towards the prevention of slavery and human trafficking, and caring for those impacted; and

ENCOURAGES Baptists to collaborate with other Christians and all people of good will who are also concerned about bringing an end to this personal, social, and economic injustice. 



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Resolution from Baptist World Alliance
    Posted: 08/02/2019