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International stories in 2019

Religious persecutions in Ukraine; the first female President for JBU; militants burn Kyrgyzstan Baptist church
BMS World Mission is helping bring access to justice in one of the poorest nations in the world
Jenny Saunders’ work is pioneering new ways of treating mental health issues and trauma in Nepal
When a disaster or conflict hits a nation, we know our supporters want to help. Here are four ways they have
The Government will match donations to charity's appeal to help build new recycling hubs in Pakistan
Mission today is about responding to the World Church’s needs. So what does that look like?
Faith Baptist Church grew from an influx of Sri Lankan war refugees – and Norwegian oversight
Why BMS World Mission is committed to a conversation between the Global South and western Church
Baptists worldwide have expressed their condemnation of the terrorist attack on two mosques in New Zealand
The peace deal signed by warring parties went unheeded. But BMS supporters can pray
Mothers in Gulu, Uganda gathered together to celebrate their children and tell their stories
'Many years of fruitful service' The Baptist World Alliance General Secretary Emeritus has died, aged 80
From Bible teaching to businesses, people in Peru experience how following Jesus brings life in all its fullness
A borehole gave this community in Uganda something more than health: it offered them a shot at unity.
A major new report warns the persecution of Christians worldwide is spreading and increasing in severity,
The President of the Baptist Union in Sri Lanka has thanked Baptists for their prayers - and urged them to continue
The Amazon river, the thirsty town and why BMS worker Laura-Lee Lovering is the missionary money collector
In war-torn eastern Ukraine, BMS supporters helped families survive the bitter cold, and introduced people to Jesus
Seven BMS World Mission Action Teams serving God overseas. The best photos from a reel of 350 (part one)
Religious martyrs are not victims and the media must report responsibly, urges Archbishop Angaelos
The annual BWA gathering saw Baptists vote to affirm women in ministry and to condemn religious-based intolerance
More than 200 million children are trapped in forced labour conditions, according to a new report
An an emergency BMS grant has been approved as Bangladesh experiences its worst flooding in years
How sharing Jesus through sport can get you off the bench and onto the mission field - a coach's story
It's been more than 100 days since the Sri Lanka Easter bombings. Here's how you can pray for the country
BMS World Mission environmental scientist Laura-Lee Lovering is based in the Peruvian Amazon
Freedom of religion or belief was a key theme at the 2019 Council of the European Baptist Federation (EBF), which also highlighted 'impulses of hope' across the region
These are the stories of three people in rural Bangladesh slowly finding hope again after the recent floods
Many are fleeing for safer areas south of the border, while church leaders have expressed a concern that there some members of the Turkish and Syrian forces will “pursue an Islamist agenda”
How Mozambicans are regaining hope thanks to the incredible help they received from BMS supporters after Cyclone Idai
Maki Miço is the minister of Cairns Road Baptist Church, Bristol, and Albanian. He has been in close contact with friends and colleagues since the earthquake on Monday, and explains more
Some were murderers. Some were thieves. Some were victims held without trial. Fifty-five men shared one cell: dirty, cramped and forgotten. Forgotten by everyone, except for Ben.
The top five most read international news stories in The Baptist Times in 2019
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