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International stories in 2015 

Reports from BMS World Mission doctors at the Guinebor II Hospital
A Nigerian Baptist leader castigates international community for 'just watching' as Boko Haram terrorises
A church leader in western Mozambique has an idea that will help his rural town blossom both financially and spiritually
A couple are returning to the country they love and where they met
The Baptist World Alliance has appointed a lawyer to directly oversee its UN activities
A London-based NGO is changing perceptions of those with disabilities in one of the world's poorest countries
Resolution proposed by a Baptist politician overwhelmingly adopted in the Council of Europe
As Nigeria prepares to vote in a presidential election, Baptists share their thoughts about John Kerry's visit
Huge impact of safeguarding training initiated by BMS World Mission workers
EBF challenges leaders to issue joint statement calling for peace while acknowledging their differences
The spread of the deadly Ebola virus in Guinea is starting to slow, says BMS doctor Eric Bafende.
Being a volunteer with BMS World Mission can boost your faith in God and in yourself
Corneille Gato Munyamasoko dedicated his life to peace and reconciliation after the 1994 genocide
Encouraging news about a dangerously ill boy being treated at a BMS-supported hospital in Chad
As the Syrian crisis shows no signs of abating, a coalition of faith groups and aid agencies urge world leaders to do more
There are glimmers of hope amid the last four awful years, not least the response of the region's churches
A BMS World Mission worker is helping to train Nepal’s teachers – and changing the country’s future
BMS World Mission has provided effective relief to those devastated by natural and political disasters in 2014 and 2015
BMS World Mission is responding with vital emergency and recovery programmes in Nepal
Christian leaders gathered at Lambeth Palace to discuss the Ukrainian crisis, in an event co-hosted by BMS World Mission
BMS World Mission counsellor Jenny Saunders is part of a team that is helping people work through their psychological trauma in Nepal
BMS mission workers Ann and David MacFarlane urge prayer for desperate migrants they are helping in southern Italy
Thanks to a grant from BMS World Mission, more women and girls will no longer have to live in fear and shame of their bodies.
General secretary of the Union of Baptist Churches in Burundi requests prayer
Global advocacy charity encourages signing of petition against the confiscation of a Cuban Baptist church by its government
Local lawyers in Mozambique have taken over an education project started by BMS World Mission workers
BMS World Mission is committed to Nepal, and its workers in the country are committed to their Nepali neighbours
A report from Germany's huge, biennial Protestant festival
BMS World Mission is helping to ease the suffering caused by conflict all over the world
"Seeing people come to Christ and the church develop in gradual steps has been very encouraging”
Bangladeshi Christians are going without to help their Nepali neighbours recover from the earthquake
The Millennium Development Goals are the "most successful anti-poverty movement in history" - though inequalities remain
The Baptist World Alliance's findings were incorporated into a report issued by the United Nations on the troubled country
Students are using art to express what God means to them at a BMS World Mission supported international school in Albania.
Baptists from more than 80 countries will participate in the 21st Baptist World Congress in South Africa this week
With this announcement, Baptist World Alliance President John Upton officially declared the start of the 21st Baptist World Congress
The BWA General Secretary renewed a call for the unity of the worldwide Baptist family at the closing session of the Baptist World Congress
An encouraging number of Baptist churches are being planted in Poland, a country under “a strong influence of secularism”
BMS World Mission wants to give people life in all its fullness everywhere… even when on the loo
A team of pastors and young people from BMS partner Big Life Ministries minister in one of the poorest areas of Kolkata
Austrians, including Baptists, are engaged in tireless short and long term support to the traumatised people arriving in their country
Thomas Klammt, coordinator of international churches for the German Baptist Union, shares reflections in Ethics Daily video interview
The Baptist World Alliance sends funds to Hungarian Baptists, plus updates from Germany and Sweden
Migration, corruption and Christian/Muslim relations topped the agenda at the fifth African Biblical Leadership Initiative conference
Prayer sought for an important United Nations summit that could have a huge impact on the poorest people in the world
How can the Church respond to the horrible conditions in which Roma people live in Albania?
Leaders of the Israeli government and the nation's Christian schools reached agreement after month-long strike
Serbian and Croatian Baptists reveal how they are responding as the situation intensifies
German-based Baptist mission agency, EBM International evacuates all its missionaries following Boko Haram bombings
Six months on from the earthquakes, Nepal is facing a whole set of new challenges that need your prayers, says BMS
Christian Aid's Church Crowdfunding website offers UK churches a direct link to lifesaving projects run by Baptists in Myanmar
Thanks to generous giving, the centre looks set not only to save lives but transform a desert community
Powerful report using BMS World Mission-sponsored research into gender based violence during the Central African Republic conflict
Ylli Beqiraj’s story of how he became an Albanian Baptist pastor and Bible tutor, supported by BMS World Mission, is an extraordinary one
BMS World mission workers Brad and Ruth Biddulph reveal six essential things to know about serving in Guinea
They are being given in a bid ‘to prevent future war crimes’ and improve respect for the enemy
Do you have a heart for justice? Do you have a desire to share the good news of Jesus within the legal world?
After months with limited access to fuel, Nepal’s people are suffering as pressure on essential services increases.
A nomination for an award has highlighted the incredible impact Thailand’s Freedom Bakery in Bangkok has had on the city
BMS World Mission worker Claire-Lise Judkins shares insights into what life is like in France and how Christians can respond to fear
Retirement has been delayed for a Northern Irish couple as they head to Amsterdam with BMS World Mission
New methods of farming are enriching the lives of many families in Sussundenga, Mozambique, both financially and spiritually
The voices of hurting women thousands of miles away were heard in the Houses of Lords last week
Deeply personal pressures are being shared by Ugandan teenagers in a project that is part of BMS World Mission’s Dignity initiative.
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