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Fresh from the Word - the Bible for a change   

Invigorating daily Bible readings which apply the reflection to the world as it is today and how we as Christians live within it

Fresh from the Word300Fresh from the Word - the Bible for a change 
Editor: Nathan Eddy 
ISBN: 9780857218834 
Reviewer: Mrs Moira Kleissner

Fresh from the Word - the Bible for a change is a yearly Bible reading aid produced by the International Bible Reading Association, which started 130 years ago. Its aim is to get people reading and reflecting on a Bible passage each day, either in groups or as individuals.  

Distributed in more than 20 countries, it uses the expertise of international contributors from Britain, S Africa, USA, Brazil, India, New Zealand and Argentina. Contributors come from backgrounds as diverse as Fresh Expressions ministry; international mission; Anglican, Methodist, Baptist, United Reformed Church and Roman Catholic churches; Christian Aid workers; reconciliation initiators; theologians; apologists; trainers and many others in Christian service and ministry.

One of these contributors is our own Mark Woods, a Baptist who used to be editor of The Baptist Times, has hosted BMS Catalyst Live, and is at present editor/contributor to the on-line Christian Today. The foreword this year is by Leslie Griffiths with an introduction by the editor Nathan Eddy.  

This daily study guide gives you time to read and study a Bible passage, be still, and think about the relevance of the passage using the clear notes. 

Many daily Bible reading notes available are firmly centred on our individual personal faith focusing on our walk with God. Fresh from the Word takes that reflection and applies it in the world as it is today and how we as Christians live within it. I find this approach refreshing and invigorating. No longer are we shut up with just ourselves and God. But through the Bible we find ourselves reaching up to God and then through Him, out into our world.  

Some of the themes for this coming year include; power of the Word, music in the Bible, the fruits of the Spirit, women in the Bible, gossip (very relevant with social media today). Topics within in the themes cover: Women in public life, God’s plans being like an onion (can’t wait for that one!), Waiting for God’s moment, It’s only old Anna, and you’ll never walk alone. Books covered are Daniel, Deuteronomy, Luke, Philippians, Psalms and Romans 1 -8. So are real cross section of themes and books within the Bible.   

Have I whetted your appetite? If you haven’t tried Fresh from the Word can I encourage you to give it a go this year and see what you think. It is good value at £9.95 for a whole year’s readings and reflections from erudite yet readable experts. 

Moira Kleissner is a retired Primary Deputy Head, Storyteller and minister’s wife

Baptist Times, 07/12/2018
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