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Baptisms in Birchington-on-Sea

A Salvationist, a Catholic, an Anglican and a Baptist walked into the sea.... No, it’s not the opening line to a joke, writes the Revd Bob Goode, but what happened at Minnis Bay, Birchington on Sunday 20 August

Birchington500Over the last few years God has been bringing folk from all sorts of church backgrounds to Birchington Baptist Church, and so, in May we held a welcome evening to encourage them to meet up.

This was followed by some of them undertaking the 'Baptism, Belonging and Breaking Bread' course, from which four felt called to baptism.

One of them became a Christian on Easter Sunday, and the other three come from very diverse backgrounds, which has been very exciting.

They expressed a wish (or at least a willingness) to be baptised in the sea! So, on Sunday morning, about 130 church, family and friends (boosted by onlookers), celebrated, as they confessed their faith in Jesus and were baptised. 

Baptist Times, 25/08/2017
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