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New year, new life 

A surprise gift of baptism from Daniella to her mum and dad. By Peterson Anand

DaniellaFollowed by great times of praise, worship and parties at Christmas, we had a great celebration of the baptism of Daniela Lynch on the New Year’s Day 2017.

The church was full with friends and family members of Daniella. It was a surprise kept for Emmanuel, father of Daniella at the very moment of baptism. She made the promises to follow the Lord Jesus Christ for life and she shared her testimony and story of her Christian journey. She had a Christian upbringing but drifted away from God during her college studies, almost becoming an atheist. Earlier she had suffered with depression and suicidal attitude. When she went to Nottingham for her University studies, she attended the Christian Union and the church where preacher talked about depression. She was touched by God through the preaching of the word of God. 

In response to the word of God, she gave her life to the Lord and encountered and experienced the power of God the Holy Spirit. Since then, the Lord filled her with extraordinary joy. The depression and suicidal attitude left her for good by the power of God. After learning about the importance of water baptism, she decided to give a surprise Christmas gift to her parents by taking water baptism.

Initially, she wanted to be baptised on Christmas Day but it was not possible due to the prior plans of the church services. However, she agreed to be baptised on New Year’s Day 2017. Before her baptism day, she has not been feeling well for some days. There was a point when we had lost our hope for her to be baptised on 1 January. However, God answered our prayers by granting her healing and she was prepared and ready to be baptised with the Bible Studies on baptism. We praise God that He healed Daniella and gave her victory over all the obstacles for her to be baptised on the New Year’s Day with the beginning of new life in Christ, and with the surprise New Year’s gift to her parents, family, friends and the church.

We give all the glory to God for such a beginning of the New Year for everyone! What a wonderful way to celebrate the New Year 2017! 


The Revd Peterson Anand is minister of Nansen Road Baptist Church, Ipswich

Baptist Times, 25/01/2017
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