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Bilingual baptism in Llanelli 

Sarah Jones was recently baptised at a bilingual baptismal service at Greenfield Baptist Church Llanelli. Sarah is a member of Rehoboth Welsh Congregational Church (Annibynwyr Cymraeg) Five Roads, Llanelli and has attended Rehoboth faithfully for many years and also the weekly Tuesday morning service and evening Bible study at Greenfield.   

LlanelliThe Revd David Jones Minister of Greenfield has led worship at Rehoboth on Sunday afternoons for many years, and the Revd Carys Awen Jones, retired Minister of Bethania Baptist Church, Llanelli, has also been a good friend to the church and also took part in the service. 

Rehoboth, a Welsh language church at the heart of an expanding village on the outskirts of Llanelli has seen growth in recent years and the congregation were supportive of Sarah’s wish to be baptised. 

In her testimony Sarah spoke of her teenage years at the local Gospel Hall and then for fourteen years never attending any place of worship. Following her marriage, her three sons began attending the morning Sunday school at Rehoboth and she began attending the afternoon services. Her renewed commitment to Christ came when she became a member of Rehoboth and the conviction about believer’s baptism was a consequence of that commitment.

The congregation of Rehoboth joined with friends from the Trimsaran Gospel Hall the congregation at Greenfield and members of Sarah’s family for her baptism held on the afternoon of 10 September. The service was mainly in Welsh and Sarah’s testimony outlined her journey of faith and her then conviction to be baptised.

For many from Rehoboth this was their first experience of witnessing a believer’s baptism and the service was one of real joy and fellowship as those of different Christian traditions who came together in celebration and thanksgiving.

Baptist Times, 26/09/2017
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