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Forward into Battle by Terry Tyrrell

Baptist church member's engaging, practical and accessible book which highlights the spiritual battle we all fight on a daily basis


Forward into BattleForward into Battle
By Terry Tyrrell
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 978-1542903059
Reviewed by Tom Madders 

In the wake of the postmodern era many Christians bristle at the black and white approach of militaristic language when discussing matters of faith. However, Terry Tyrrell, a member at Garland Street Baptist Church in Bury St. Edmunds, has managed to produce an engaging, practical and accessible book which highlights the spiritual battle we all fight on a daily basis without resorting to unnecessary machoism.

Tyrrell writes with 29 years’ experience as an officer in the United States Air Force and a further 16 years with the Military Ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ. His writing is peppered with helpful anecdotes which he uses to illustrate lessons on a range of topics including; the importance of training and equipping; how to prepare ourselves for spiritual conflict; the importance of strong leadership; how to motivate and incentivise ourselves and others; and how to know our enemy.

Each chapter contains sound teaching supported by regular references to scripture, giving a clear explanation of what we can learn from Tyrell’s experiences and how we can apply it to our own personal faith journey. He writes without resorting to the tired clichés which are often thrown around in churches, and instead writes with a clear and straightforward voice which makes this book suitable for the new Christian and the gnarled veteran alike.

However, perhaps the most valuable aspect of this book is the ‘Unit Analysis’ to be found at the end of each chapter, containing a summary of the chapter, thought provoking prayer points, and a list of questions which would work equally well for either a group bible study or a personal reflection. There is also a ‘personal battle plan’ which guides us through an honest self-examination to help us improve our Christian character.

This book helps us consider our spiritual response to the potential dangers and challenges around us, and gives us a clearer understanding of our mission as followers of Christ. 

Tom Madders is a Minister-in-Training at Billericay Baptist Church



Baptist Times, 26/01/2018
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