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The Lion and the Lamb 

Must have introduction to the book of Revelation that is simple, but never simplistic

Lion and the LambThe Lion and the Lamb
By Pieter Lalleman
Faithbuilders Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-910942-50-5
Reviewer: Martin M’Caw

Large eschatological and theological tomes analysing Revelation have their place. However, Pieter Lalleman - who teaches biblical studies at Spurgeon's College - has done us all a great favour. The analogy might be a bit of an exaggeration, but as the code-breakers of Bletchley Park cracked the enigma code, Lalleman’s little book has very helpfully deciphered the imagery of Revelation. He's done so in a manner which makes their symbolism intelligible for the punter in the pew, leaders of Bible study groups, and possibly not just a few ministers.
Many readers of Revelation become bewildered or confused by the symbolic references to seals, trumpets, bowls, horns, beasts and numbers which become a blur, and the fog thickens with the pre or post and amillennial interpretations of various commentators. As a teenager I was taught that the 10 horns symbolised the then 10 countries of the Common Market as the pre-millennial timetable unfolded.
Lalleman’s simple, but never simplistic, breakdown of the chapters and themes provides a positive introduction, whether one is just reading through Revelation or undertaking a deeper study using the learned commentaries.

The contents page sets the scene. Each of Lalleman’s chapters tackle a theme with a breakdown of the text that presents Revelation in manageable chunks. However, it is the sections of background information, application and thoughts for discussion that are the most useful and helpful.

This little book is a must have. It may not be the last word, but it is most certainly a key which unlocks the door to what John was writing about.

The Revd Dr Martin M’Caw is a retired Baptist minister

Baptist Times, 06/01/2017
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