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BUGB Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO)
BUGB is now registered as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) with the charity number 1181392.  The assets, liabilities and activities of the unincorporated association BUGB charity were transferred across to the new CIO. This process completed on 1 January 2020.

Leading up to this, the Charity Commission approved the application to register BUGB as a CIO on 2 January 2019. Prior to that, the BUGB Trustees approved the new CIO constitution on 20 February 2018, as did Council on 14 March 2018 and Assembly on 12 May 2018. In advance of these approvals, BUGB members were invited by way of letter to participate in a consultation about the draft constitution for the new CIO, and as a result of the consultation, revisions were made to the draft constitution.
The BUGB CIO constitution can be read here
Unincorporated BUGB charity
Although the unincorporated charity no longer holds any assets or liabilities, or performs any activities, it continues to exist as a dormant ‘shell’ in order to still be able to benefit from legacies to the Union, its rights as a residual beneficiary of trust property and its governance role in property trusts.
To simplify the governance of the ‘shell’ BUGB charity going forward and for ease of administration, BUGB proposed a new constitution for the ‘shell’ unincorporated charity and notice of a resolution to adopt the new constitution was put to the Assembly in May 2019. 
Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the Baptist Assembly in May 2020 was postponed and instead the first meeting of the Assembly of BUGB CIO was held online on 16 September 2020.  The resolution to adopt the ‘shell’ constitution was therefore brought to a meeting of the Assembly in May 2021 and notice of the resolution can be read here. 

Under the new constitution for the 'shell' unincorporated charity the BUGB CIO is the sole trustee for the ‘shell’, although it will continue to be managed and administered by the BUGB Trustees.  The new unincorporated BUGB Constitution can be read here.

For your information we have provided the following documents:

Consultation Response Document
The BUGB unincorporated association constitution (showing the amendment approved by Assembly in May 2018)
The draft “shell” BUGB constitution (to accompany the notice of a resolution put to Assembly in May 2019)
The BUGB constitution pre Assembly 2018
A document showing the key differences between the two constitutions
The second consultation letter sent to members in November 2017

CIO FAQs prepared for Baptist Assembly 2017
The first consultation letter sent to churches in January 2017

Notice of the resolutions for Assembly 2019

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