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Join us in prayer for BU Council 13-14 October

Baptist Union Council is meeting next week and we invite you to join us in prayer. We are already anticipating what God will do as Council gathers to talk and discern together. 

During this Council we will welcome Seidel Abel Boanerges as our new Moderator and we will spend significant time reflecting on 'Baptists Together during the Pandemic'. We will be listening to the stories which have emerged from our churches. This is will be in addition to our usual standing items like finance and the Key Roles Nominations Team report.  Click here to view the full agenda.

Tony Peck will be praying with our General Secretary Lynn Green on Wednesday 13 October at 7pm for our national prayer broadcast live from Council. Join here

For those of you who would like to understand the role of Council, our Governance Report outlines the role of Council as follows: 

The key location of strategic leadership and oversight for the Union should be with the Council. This is the body that is representative of the churches through their Associations and colleges, and where the full diversity of the denomination can and should be fully expressed. The leadership and oversight of others will be discerned and held accountable here. As we envisage it, it will be: 

  • the body which exercises spiritual and strategic oversight of the affairs of the Union; 
  • the place where the rich diversity of our membership will be expressed and empowered and leadership exercised; 
  • the forum in which the complex relationships of Union life will be valued and mutual trust be encouraged and enabled; 
  • the meeting at which key decision-makers, such as appropriate association officers, will play a part alongside prophetic voices and spiritual leaders.

Please see who represents your Association should you wish to contact them before we meet. 

The key reflections and decisions from Council will be communicated in the following week.

Lynn Green, General Secretary of Baptists Together
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Consists of members mostly drawn from churches, Associations, colleges to discuss issues facing our Union
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An invitation to join us in prayer
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