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Listening to God: Steve Finamore

'We can think afresh about our neighbourhoods and engage in mission practice that really fits. We can avoid programs all together and just encourage people to get on with making relationships with their neighbours. This opens all kinds of possibilities it's a fantastic opportunity for the church to be renewed.'

In a joint project with the Faith and Society Specialist Team, Baptists Together Mission Forum and The Fuelcast we are offering a series of films where people from all corners of the Baptist Family share how they have heard God speaking during 2020. These first films are longer reflections suitable for personal and group study and consider the following questions which you and your group may like to reflect on as well:

What is God saying to you about..
  • Who he is, and how we are being called to worship him
  • His mission, and how we are being invited to join in with what he’s doing in the world
  • His Church, and how we are being asked to reimagine our life together
  • His future for our Baptist movement – what visions, aspirations, dreams is he placing on your heart
They will be followed by shorter, thematic films at a later date.

This film features Steve Finamore. Steve is the Principal at Baptist Bristol College.

Click here to download this video to share with your church.
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'If the Baptist Union is to progress and to be relevant it has to recognise that some of the greatest people are the ones sitting in the pews'
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Find out about this new set of videos being launched in Autumn 2020
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'Come on, as a Baptist family let's dream big, let's run wild let's release people. We're the priesthood of all believers right?'
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'There is going to be an outpouring of God's Holy Spirit and we as the Baptist family we need to be ready for that, we need to be excited and expectant and praying for what we really believe'
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'It's not going to convert the local people in the park, it's not love people and then convert them, it's not tell them about their sin, it's just it's just love them and I feel that is our mission'
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'I long for this nation to experience God, I long to be part of a revival in the UK. I think it is possible'
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