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Opinions/reflections January - June 2016 

Our celebrations of Christmas may be over but the story of our Lord’s arrival and life continue
What does it mean to "walk with God?" Here are five suggestions
Covenant isn’t easy, but an important mark of our commitment to walk together, with God, writes Catriona Gorton
Have we at times prized our independence over our commitment to relating to each other, asks Lynn Green?
Doesn't actually work, because that's not what Jesus said. The call to sacrifice just might
“I choose a church where they play the songs I like, worship the way I want, where I do what I choose”
Our celebrations of Christmas may be over but the story of our Lord’s arrival and life continue
Introducing Eco Church, Christian charity A Rocha's new scheme to help churches become eco-friendly
The future of our witness as Baptist people depends on our shared life together, writes Andy Goodliff
Mainstream church attendance is in the news again: it has declined over the past 100 years or so, but consider these three points
Voices and lessons from the margins need to be heard by all of us, for they shape our mission and discipleship, and are actually at the heart of faith
A couple of things we shouldn't do, and a couple we should
The famous doll has evolved to reflect millennial concerns for social justice. That's a language the church knows – and needs to rediscover
As we grow God shows us more of himself, and more of ourselves - why it's OK for our relationships with God to change
Knowing the backgrounds to the hymns which fed our ancestors adds a rich layer of understanding to our spiritual lives, writes Mark Woods
Tony Peck invites British Baptists to reflect on aspects of our Baptist story and identity that might inform our vote in the EU referendum
The decision is a 'purely political one', writes a Baptist minister who highlights three key areas why he will vote to leave
When all around are losing it and causing panic, Heather Skull looks at why a field of sheep can teach a lesson about standing firm...
It’s good to pray - every Christian knows that. But it’s a real joy too to be the answer to someone else’s prayer
In telling her story Chizor Akisanya is openly vulnerable in the hope that it will inspire and encourage those struggling with life’s challenges
Is there a specifically Christian view of laughter, asks Colin Sedgwick?
The way we picture God will direct church identity and our missional effectiveness, writes Andrew Hardy
Our calling from Christ to go and make disciples must begin and continue in prayer, writes Lynn Green
Evangelism is getting on with life in such a way that people have a chance to discover Jesus for themselves
The potential closure of the Port Talbot steelworks has far reaching consequences for all involved: here are ways we can pray into the situation
As Baptists, can we live in the tension of our differences, bound together in our common love of the Risen Christ?
There's a good reason why children have a special place in the heart of God - and, as Heather Skull reflects, they have much to teach us
How can we perceive, with heightened awareness, God’s perspective on the world and other people?
Technology gives – and takes away. What impact is it having, and how can we recalibrate our lives in this new and complex culture?
Reflection from Liverpool fan and Regional Minister after an inquest concludes the fans who died in the 1989 disaster were unlawfully killed
God sets the lonely in families - here are the people to be looking out for in our churches and beyond
There is power in communally creating a song, our song - and it's something we might consider giving more time to
The way we communicate our culture has altered completely, but key elements of communication haven't
Being told I should be passionate about the Holy Spirit slightly jarred
Phil Palmer ponders whether alternative language should be used in the reporting of people on the move
The EU referendum debate is about relationships and that is why it is a matter on which we need to seek insights from our faith, writes Keith Clements
Prayers in the wake of the weekend's atrocities at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida
Chaplain Anna Spiegel was among those to share her reflections on the recent Yorkshire Baptist Association Assembly
Christian faith is about truly encountering God and other people, on a human level – as Jesus did
Dave Smith, the founder of a Christian organisation serving destitute asylum seekers, explains why he was compelled to tell their stories
… three things Jo Cox taught us
In post-EU Referendum United Kingdom, churches are well-placed to demonstrate the mutual benefits of being part of diverse communities
With so many refugees trapped in Europe, the Exodus story is being re-enacted: the situation calls Christians to a dual response
Chris Goswami reflects on how Christians might engage constructively in the politics currently unfolding
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