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Reflections on Baptist Union Council

Our renewed culture is beginning to be embedded by the new-style Council, says General Secretary Lynn Green 

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CouncilOctober15Back in 2012 we made some bold decisions about changing Baptist Union Council and finding new ways of working that would reflect the renewed culture that we wanted to nurture among us. We have met five times as the “new” Council now and I am so encouraged to see how we are really beginning to embed our renewed culture. 

Many have said that this Council was the best yet, and I had many points where I was so encouraged over things that I heard, saw or shared in. Let me give you a flavour!

Spirit-led communities and inspiring others
Dianne Tidball opened God’s word with us near the beginning of Council and her clear teaching and passionate preaching were inspiring.

As the first day unfolded and we heard about the mission needs of our nation, the health of our churches, the challenges of leadership and issues of financial resourcing; I had this strong sense that we needed to pray! Ian McManus led our worship and we all cried out to God together; others also shared what they believed to be prophetic words for us.

Feel like one team
Two members of the Collaborate project team (a team developing Baptists Together database connectivity) who are based in Associations, told me how amazing it was to be part of that team and that they felt like this was truly “Baptists Together” in action!

Embrace adventure
Using project teams and secondments to help us move specific projects forward has been a new adventure for us. It was great to see how this new way of working is enabling collaboration and wide consultation and enabling Council to fulfil its own role in setting strategic direction. 

Share a hunger for God’s coming Kingdom
Seeing the increasing diversity and richness of Council was particularly precious. I sat in a small group discussion where insights from Wales, Colleges and BME members had a clear impact on work that we are doing and took us in new directions. Our gathering was truly multi-voiced and it was also fantastic to see so many younger leaders taking part as either members or guests. 

Even if I can no longer describe myself as young, it was great to serve with our new Moderators of Council (David Mayne) and Trustee Board (Richard Webb) who are both under 40.

We are turning vision into reality and I am so encouraged! We believe that God has called us on this journey and we need to keep our eyes fixed on Him, making space for Him to be doing His new things amongst us.

The Revd Lynn Green is General Secretary of our Baptist Union of Great Britain


Baptist Times, 13/10/2015
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