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Equality and Diversity: I Am Because You Are

One facet of contemporary life in the UK is the growing diversity of people we meet in our ministry and mission contexts. Some aspects of human diversity like gender and disability are common to all settings. Others are more strongly represented in some places than in others, such as ethnic diversity, differing economic circumstances, or the prevalence of migrants or refugees.
Added to this is the growing awareness in society of the range of lived experience with respect to sexuality and gender identity, family and marriage, mental health, neurodivergence, and more.
Accredited ministers are commended to the whole of Baptists Together to pastor churches or act as chaplains, pioneers, evangelists or children’s, youth and families’ workers. This means all ministers, regardless of their present setting, should be able to reflect on and respond to diversity, encourage equality of opportunity, and challenge discrimination.
To this end, we are due to launch in the summer an introductory training resource called, I Am Because You Are. It consists of six brief videos, each one containing some explanatory material, an interview or recorded conversation, and some questions for discussion. Ministers will be asked to watch these in the company of other ministers, and to enter a dialogue about the material. The video topics are as follows:

  • Why explore equality and diversity?
  • What does discrimination look like?
  • What is equality and diversity?
  • How do I think through this?
  • How is our journey so far?
  • What can I do in response? 

More details will be available soon. In the meantime, if you wish to look into this subject, there is an extensive range of resources on our justice and listening pages.

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