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Coronavirus advice: 
Children’s, youth and families ministry

We have written guidance for Baptist churches in England and Wales that outlines what voluntary children’s and youth activities are permitted according to the UK and Welsh governments. Our guidance interprets various government documents for a Baptist context and suggests what might be best practice for activities such as junior church groups, uniformed organisations, youth groups, parent and child groups and more. We update our guidance as and when the governments change theirs to reflect the dynamic nature of the pandemic.
Please read this guidance to discover more. Please note that there are some differences between England and Wales and these are explained on the document.

Download from here.

  • Version 1.17: 25 February (3:30pm) - Addition to section 3 about UK Government plans for allowing children’s activities from April; Addition to section 4 about UK Government plans to allow parent and child groups from 29 March outdoors and 12 April indoors; Clarification in section 4 that parent and child groups for support purposes may meet now.
  • Version 1.16: 14 January (5pm) - Clarification in Section 3 about which groups for children may meet in both England and Wales.
  • Version 1.15: 6 January (2:30pm) - Changes throughout to reflect the national lockdown in England from 5 January.
  • Version 1.14: 20 December (8:25pm) - Changes to reflect tier 4 restrictions in England and alert level 4 restrictions in Wales for both children’s and youth groups, and parent and child groups.
  • Version 1.13: 17 December (10:30am) - Very minor changes to Parent and Child groups reflecting Government guidance on early years provision.
  • Version 1.12: 30 November (11:50am) - Removal of lockdown restrictions in England and firebreaker restrictions in Wales. Re-organisation of the general guidance into supervised groups and parent-and-child groups. Changes to advice on singing, face coverings. Addition of limit to group size for parent and child  groups.
  • Version 1.11: 5 November (4:05pm) - Addition at the document’s beginning of lockdown restrictions in England.
  • Version 1.10: 22 October (9:50am) - Addition to introduction of ‘firebreaker restrictions’ in Wales.
  • Version 1.9: 16 October (5.15pm) - Comment added that the three-tier Covid-alert system does not much affect this guidance, except possibly for toddler groups.
  • Version 1.8: 24 September (11:30am) - Yet more changes on both face coverings for youth groups, and on toddler groups, as Government update their guidance.
  • Version 1.7: 17 September (4:05pm) - Caveat added under General Guidance about face coverings. More detail included about toddler groups.
  • Version 1.6: 10 September (4:10pm) - Minor revisions throughout reflecting UK Government’s changes to social interaction guidance so that no more than 6 people from different households may socially interact whether indoors or outdoors. Note that each person should still remain physically distant from anyone from another household.
  • Version 1.5: 3 September (12pm) - Removal from General Guidance of requirement for maximum group size to be six when off premises – NYA guidance, signposted by the Government, says group size may be 15 indoors or outdoors.  Addition to General Guidance of permission for singing in children’s and youth groups under certain conditions.
  • Version 1.4: 27 August (4:20pm) - Changes to Introduction following confirmation that creche and toddler groups can meet; Changes to General Guidance reflecting confirmation that neither children nor young people have to wear face coverings in organised groups.
  • Version 1.3: 20 August (3:30pm) - Changes throughout to reflect permission for supervised children’s groups in Wales; Expansion of Toddler Group section to include ideas of how to meet outside.
  • Version 1.2: 13 August (4:15pm) - Extensive changes to the Introduction to clarify what is possible for under-5s; Additions to General Guidance about children under 5, singing, drama, music and face coverings; Expansion of Messy Church section with ideas for a way of meeting.
  • Version 1.1: 9 July (2pm). This provides the current guidance on toddler groups
  • Version 1.0: 7 July 2020 (3pm)
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