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Job Retention Scheme – update on furlough payments


20 April - 3pm

Three important updates about the Job Retention Scheme, including the opening of the HMRC portal for making grant claims.

1.     HMRC furlough claim scheme opens for grant claims today

The HMRC portal for making claims for furlough grant opened this morning.   Click here to access the portal.

The portal has been designed to be easy to use and the Treasury have said that payments will be paid within 6 working days of a claim being accepted.

There is also an online calculator to help you work out what to claim for each employee.

2.     Recent starters now covered by the furlough scheme – change of date from 28 February to 19 March

You can now claim for furloughed employees that were on your PAYE payroll on or before 19 March 2020 and which were notified to HMRC on an RTI submission on or before 19 March 2020.This means an RTI submission notifying payment in respect of that employee to HMRC must have been made on or before 19 March 2020.

Employees that were employed as of 28 February 2020 and on payroll (i.e. notified to HMRC on an RTI submission on or before 28 February) and were made redundant or stopped working for the employer after that and prior to 19 March 2020, can also qualify for the scheme if the employer re-employs them and puts them on furlough.

3.     Letting the Baptist Pension Scheme know if you furlough at less than 100% of pay

If you are using -or intend to use - the Job Retention Scheme by furloughing an member of staff or minister who is a member of the Pension Scheme, and if you have agreed with the individual that you will furlough at less than 100% of normal pay, then you should advise the Pensions Manager by emailing the individual’s name and details of furlough package via an email to pensionshared@baptist.org.uk

A quick reminder that our Guide for Churches as Employers contains more detailed information on dealing with staff in relation to working from home, self-isolation, sick pay and furlough arrangements.

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