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Baptist Deliverance study group 

A new resource to support ministers dealing with requests for deliverance ministry has launched, explains Jayne Irlam 

Supernatural700Ever had a member of your congregation ask you for help because something ‘strange’ or ‘supernatural’ is happening in their home? And ever thought, “Help! Not sure how to deal with this – where was this in my training?” 

Well, you are not alone. Year-on-year, across the denominations, churches are seeing sharp rises in the number of people requesting deliverance ministry or ‘exorcism’. At the same time, there are changes in UK law, both civil and criminal, which could have implications for this area. The Anglican Church long ago decided to set up a body of expertise to help train, inform and support their ministers.  We have now decided to see if we can do something similar.
At the start of 2018, the North West Baptist Association launched a pilot project designed to help ministers (including trainees) in the North West. Its aim is to research, reflect, resource and support Baptist ministers in the safe practice of deliverance ministry. It consists of a group of Baptist ministers and medical professionals who can scratch their heads when you are scratching yours; three of whom have been trained to the same standard as Anglican Diocesan DM advisors, and two of whom sit on an Anglican DM panel.

The group has a number of external experts it can refer to, including a link worker to the Christian Deliverance Study Group – the body which advises the Church of England. 

So if your congregant is telling you that they are seeing strange creatures in the night and you’re not sure if this is a hoax, mental illness, too many late night horror shows or something more sinister, feel free to contact the group. They can give you a listening ear, offer advice, case collaboration, explain the law around deliverance ministry and pray for you before, during and after a ministerial encounter.  

We also need to hear from ministers about what they are seeing, to develop our research base, and about what they feel they need from us. Although the idea was to pilot this for North West Baptist ministers, we won't turn anyone away who needs our help.

Image | Marco Michelini | Freeimages

You can contact the service by emailing project lead the Revd Jayne Irlam at irlamjayne@gmail.com

Baptist Times, 20/07/2018
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