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SEBAKent Thameside Church Planting Project

Since the last Home Mission Focus report, the government has announced that Ebbsfleet will be one of the first new ‘garden cities’ in the UK which will include up to 15,000 new homes and major theme park.  As a result, there is greater emphasis on building new homes in the area, a development corporation has been formed and the government are putting more financial resources into the area. The pace of housebuilding is now expected to increase.  

KentThamesideAerialPenny Marsh has been successful in being appointed as an independent member of the planning committee for the Ebbsfleet Garden City, which is both a great opportunity and challenge.  She continues to make networking with the newly formed development corporation, local councils, developers, schools, churches and denominational leaders in Kent a priority.  It is a complex and rapidly changing scene, so this can be frustrating at times, but worthwhile, when opportunities for mission emerge as a result.
The Kent Thameside Church Planting project is SEBA’s response to the enormous mission opportunities in North Kent.

KentThamesideChristmasTreeCurrently there are several strands to this work...
1 Preparing for a new church for Castle Hill
2 Northfleet North
3 Café Church @ Bluewater
4 Ebbsfleet Garden City Networking.

Castle Hill is the first phase of development in the Ebbsfleet Valley and there are now 75 homes occupied.  Eventually there will be around 1500 homes, a primary school, and local centre.  In September 2014, a small group began meeting to pray and work towards planting a church in Castle Hill.  This group meets fortnightly.
We praise and thank God for…
  • The team / home group that meets fortnightly to prepare to plant a new church in Castle Hill.
  • Opportunities to meet new residents of Castle Hill at Christmas, and the support from the developers and house builders in this.
  • Good favour with the Ebbsfleet Development Corporation 

Please join us in praying for …
  • The provision of an interim community space which can be used for activities in Castle Hill and other parts of Ebbsfleet Garden City.  We are currently fund raising to purchase a luxury coach which can be converted for this purpose - ‘The E-bus project’.
  • That God will call people to move into Castle Hill and other parts of Ebbsfleet who will want to be part of something new for the area.
  • The programme of community events we are planning for 2016 in Castle Hill – Easter Egg Hunt, Big Lunch picnic in the country park, play in the park sessions and a fun day. 

Practical needs
  • In addition to gifted people to join the team, the project would benefit from assistance with fundraising (especially for the ‘E-bus project’).  
A HUGE thank you!
KentThamesideChristingleThis is an association project and we are so grateful to Baptist churches for their support both through Home Mission and direct giving to the project.  Penny is happy to host visits to Ebbsfleet, or to come and share more.  If you would like this – please get in touch!

Click here to read more stories about how the money you give to Home Mission is being used to bring the love of God to communities around the country.
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