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High numbers of baptisms at Cemetery Road

Cemetery Road Baptist Church in Sheffield was blessed with more than 40 baptisms in 2015. Its minister James Chapman writes:

Cross small‘We are blessed to have a diverse congregation, which over the last year or so, has been added to by a number of Iranians and Congolese asylum seekers and refugees.

‘People are attracted to the church by the warm hospitality offered and the attempt to include alternative cultural expressions where possible in the worship and through fellowship groups.

‘We are on a journey of understanding, and we are dealing with the challenges and opportunities that arise from the expectation of those new to to the church (some established Christians, some new to the faith, or seekers - including a number of Muslims) and those long-standing members.

‘The number of baptisms has 'normalised' the experience, and that has provided an opportunity for our young people to consider commitment for themselves. For those of junior school age who want to make a public commitment, we have introduced a rite of anointing with oil, to mark a journey from dedication on the road to baptism.’ 

Baptist Times, 14/01/2016
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